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Steps to Take to Ensure a Secure E-commerce Website.

Online trade has significantly improved over the past few years. This increase in the business transaction has also led to the increase in the cases of credit card information theft. The task of protecting the credit card information of the customers rest on the shoulders of the e-commerce businesses. Online fraud has been a problem for the online businesses for a while now. There are tips that can be used to prevent these frauds from occurring. Examples of these tips are discussed below.

The first tip is to encourage the customers to use more complex and secure passwords. There are some people who use the same password on various platforms. Usage of a single password to every site has also been recorded. These habits provide leeways for hackers to access the important information. An eight character password with a combination of words and letters is considered safe. This makes it extremely difficult for the hackers to do their dirty hacking tricks.

The businesses are also misadvised against filing the customer’s credit card information. Although there is some convenience displayed by this move, it is usually very risky. If it is a must for an e-commerce business to store such information, beefing up of the website security should be done. There are several ways how this can be done. These layers are antivirus, reputation, behavioral, analysis, remediation and human layer. It is, however, recommended that the information should not be kept on file.

The safety of plugins is another issue to be considered. This is very crucial. Most websites use the WordPress. There are certain precautions to be taken when using a website created on WordPress. It is important to know up to date status of the plugins, the number of people using the same plugins and also the online reviews of the plugins. A defective plugin is capable of causing malware to the website. A website with malware is at the risk of being hacked. Ensuring that a plugin is up to date and function properly is the responsibility of every e-commerce business.

Another way by which the e-commerce businesses can reduce online fraud is by using reliable website monitoring service. This is to keep a website in its active form during the down times of a website can be effectively utilized by the hackers. In addition, the need to take precaution is increasing as the cases of website hacking increase significantly. It is appropriate to ensure that the e-commerce platform is safe, reliable and effective. These measures are there to help the businesses to avoid facing the consequences of website hacking.